Among the 6 courses offered at FTII, Feature film screenplay is one of the most competitive seats followed by acting. The competition is ten times higher as compared with other streams like cinematography, editing and sound. As per last year’s FTII facebook page, out of 5293 (for all the courses) applicants, 1308 students appeared only for direction course.

To reach the level, where you would be called for orientation program at FTII-SRFTI, one has to qualify the written entrance exam. The analysis of last year’s exam paper reveals that it had two sections;


FTII -JET evaluates a student at two fronts; first, the level of information and second, the analytical power.

Another 30  percent of the marks are allotted to objective type questions.

  1. 30 % questions are related to GK and current affair+ are MCQs related to cinema and art (painting, dance, music, theatre, photography etc).
  2. 70% Descriptive Type.
  3. 30% related to mental ability ( deleted from this year )

To train the FTII aspirants of any course, Mr. Naresh Sharma (Director CRAFT) has written a book which covers the section ‘c’ as mentioned above. This book precisely caters to MCQ genre related to cinema and art section.  Although not exhaustive but scholastically propitious for framing patterns, this book is aimed at MCQ section. Not only students are expected to be well versed with Indian and International cinema but also of works by FTII alumni. Along with few question, a list of important FTII alumni is provided.


per centpercent of the marks are devoted to ‘domain specific questions’ which are descriptive in nature to evaluate the area of interest and students’ investigative adroitness.

If you analyze the previous year’s question papers, 50 marks are devoted to check the students’ Domain specific knowledge. In direction course exam they will judge;

  1. Observation power and,
  2. Imagination power related to various elements of script writing
  • For example you would be given a situation in which you need to analyze the various elements related to screenplay . It can be about framing a story based on few hints, or keywords.
  • You may be given multiple images to formulate a story.
  • You may be given few lines and expend that to a proper story of say 300 words.
  • You may be asked about your opinion on a given situation related to the cinema – for or against it.



Express your opinion in 200 words about  “characters ” Now what you write in support or against is your opinion, and it’s what will be counted, immaterial of the fact that whether it is for or against. It will reflect the in-depth understanding of what is going on in the field of Cinema and you are aware of it. Nobody can say with a certainty what kind of Topic will be given but yes you can jot down few topics and find the points in favor or against after analyzing the previous year’s examination pattern.

Please remember anything can be asked to evaluate students’ talent in terms of thinking or argumentative power. Though one can always prepare for GK and Mental Ability section without the help of any mentor but Domain specific descriptive question require face-to-face interaction/ training. Hence we are organizing a 20 days of “Coaching Program” starting from 23rd January 2019. Those who are unable to join the face-to-face program can attend it online.


There will be 3 hr class

  1. One hr will be devoted to MCQ related to cinema, art, music, dance, painting, and sculpture by our Director, Mr. Naresh Sharma, who has written a book on the same topic. Please note that the book: ‘How to Prepare for FTII-SRFTI-JET 2019’, will give you an idea about various possible questions that can be framed ,but there are many things which could not be covered in the book and will be taught only in the classroom .
  2. One hr class on mental ability and Logical reasoning.
  3. 2-hrs Domain Specific Class: Our direction mentor will be teaching you in a 2 hrs class each day for next 20 days, total 100  Direction/Screenplay aspirants – HOW TO ANALYSE A TOPIC
  4. Please note that there will not be any class related to GENERAL KNOWLEDGE as it is a vast topic with no end. This 15 marks section is what you need to prepare yourself.

There would be one batch.

Afternoon Batch (20  students)

3.15 pm – 4.15 pm – Mental Ability

15 min: Tea Break

4:30 – 5.30 pm – GK-related to Art and Culture (by Naresh Sharma)

30 min: Tea Break

6.00 – 8: 00 pm – DOMAIN SPECIFIC (by Domain Expert)

Fee:  20,000/- for the course (20,500/- fee includes book by Naresh Sharma)

Online Coaching

Students who cannot join the classroom Program can join Online Program where they can watch the class room videos on YouTube.

Fee:  10,000/- for the course (10,500/- fee includes book by Naresh Sharma)

pl also find the downloadable link of 6-pages sample of the book at below link.

Pl Click at the below Image to download the sample 6-pages + SAMPLE B-8 PAGES from the book on “How to prepare for ftii Entrance Exam jet-2019 ”