Harini G

Let me start with the answer for the question,”How I got acquainted with Mr.Naresh Sharma”.One day I came to know about him through my friend,and she told me that he was giving some notes and references for the objective questions to help FTII aspirants.Intially he gave three challenging questions for us to answer:
1. An advertisement for an Amul product with the theme of a bollywood film don,we were asked to write the inferences made from them
2. The second one was a bit tougher one ,the opening scene of the film “A knife in the water” was given. We were asked to write the clues that could help the film convey various things in the next coming scenes.
3. The last one was to explain a quote from the Akira Kurosawa ‘s autobiography.
The notes he gave us for preparing for the objective was very useful,covering from topic to topic ,the list of important awards and awardees from various years etc.,It covered almost every part such as editing, cinematography , acting,art and culture etc.,
After completing all these online exercises we were called for a face to face training in Delhi for 10 days. A wonderful learning experience for any FTII aspirant. What we did for 10 days?
1. 10 different movies of various genre and languages were shown to us and after the movie,we had brief sessions on understanding the movie from various angles.(My favourite ones personally)
2. Various artists from the industry were brought who shared their experiences a little and were conducting some helpful sessions from their expertise like acting, editing ,sound design etc.(My favourite session was by Ms.Sajida personally )
Now let me tell you how this helped me in cracking the state exam: M G.R film and television institute.
The state exam had two parts basically :
A written exam and an oral interview
The written exam had three questions basically:
I. A movie was shown and we were asked to answer some questions based on them.(For this question Naresh Sir’s session discussing movies helped a lot,as he was telling us how to absorb the important details in a scene while watching the movie for the first time)
II. We were asked to explain briefly a quote written by a man from the Tamil cinema.(Akira Kurosawa exercise helped here)
III. To write an important and exciting incident from our own life as a story.
The second interview part was done by famous Tamil directors P.Vasu and R.V.Udayakumar:
They were asking questions like why do you choose direction
Art films and commercial films (Sajida mam classes helped a lot here)
And few more questions
Overall one can learn a lot…