FTII Entrance exam JET-2022 Coaching.
“Direction & Screenplay”

Dear   Students,

Last year FTII  JET- Entrance Exam was held on 18th +19th  Dec 2021 .This Year  we are hoping that it will be on the same dates.                                                                                                    CRAFT is a 14 years old film school which started offering FTII Entrance exam coaching program 3 years ago.                                                                                                                                                 You have 3 main options with  you

1.)    Online Interactive “CRASH COURSE ” of 30 days 60 hours starting from 1st week of september 

a) 10 Days 2 Hrs per day online classes for the 20 Marks of MCQ
Stating Date :: 2nd October 2022.
Days & Timing : Every Sunday 8.00 am to 10.00 am.

b.) 20 Days 40 Hours domain specific sections of 80 Marks ( Descriptive +MSQ)
# For Direction & Screenplay.
Stating Date : 2nd October 2022.
Days & Timing : : Every Thursday + Friday 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

a.) All video lectures would also made available next day after the class for private viewing on U- TUBE.

Course Fee: Rs 15,000/- ( Rupees Fifteen Thousand ) to be paid online.

Total seats : 40 :-Thirty online ( 40 ) + Ten (10) classroom coaching

Selection Criteria: First Come First Served.

Last Date to Apply : Anytime till the Seats are filled.

Apply Now :   

More Details

Faculty : Naresh Sharma /  Ranjan Das-Seniour FTII Graduate faculty.

Content Covered

  1. In a very focused manner, it will conducted in Q & A (question and answer) format.
  2. In every class, 3-4 descriptive questions will be taken by the teacher and you will be given pointers on how to write about them.
  3. We would also be discussing previous years’ questions which can be asked in a different manner.
  4. Few expected questions for JET-2022 will be discussed in the class based on the pattern of previous years’ question papers.
  5. Theses lectures will also give you hint on possible MSQ of 30 marks which may be asked.

Students will also get  videos of  Previous Years Recorded Video lectures of the “Interactive  Online Classes” of JET-2019+ JET-2021

#  “online video lectures” program of previously held online interactive classes of  40 Days – 80 Hours (  40 Days 80 Hours domain specific section of 70 Marks started  from 15th September 2021 online , available for private viewing on YouTube. All these links will be sent to the students the next day after paying the course fee .

#  video recording links of classroom coaching that was held in  Feb. 2019 for 20-days 2 hours each of  70 marks Domain specific section of cinematography on the next day after paying the course fee .

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3.)    5 – Months Offline Classroom Coaching  in CRAFT Delhi, starting from 1st Sep. 2022

Offline campus classes of 20 days x 5 months = 100 days, 200 hours starting from 1st September 2021 for Descriptive Section of 70 marks+ MSQ.

Duration : 100 Days X 2Hrs each day | Total  200 Hours in 5 Months.

Starting  Date : 1st Sep 2022.

Platform : Classroom In CRAFT campus in New Delhi.

Days :  Wed- Thur – Fri – Saturday-Domain Specific. 4-days + ( One day -2 Hr MCQ )

Timing : 10.30 am to 1.00 pm for descriptive section of 70 marks + 20 Marks MCQ.

Course Fee:  The total fee in lump sum mode is Rs.75,000/.  If it is paid in installments, it becomes Rs.80,000/

Total seats : 10 ( Ten )

Selection Criteria : 15- 20mins, WhatsApp call. Interview date and time will be allocated after the application form is received.

Application fee : Rs 1000/- (Non refundable)

Last Date to Apply : Till seats get filled up.

Apply Now :   

For any Inquiry :  email at: naresh.sharma@craftfilmschool.com

what app inquiry: 9910161695( no call)

More details:

5 – Months Offline Classroom Coaching  in CRAFT Delhi starting from 1st  Sept. 2021

What are the additional advantages of joining the classroom coaching?

  1. Screening of 100 Films in the classroom from 8.00 am to 10.00 am : Discussion about 120 films and their notes about film appreciation in word file.
  2. Important 300 films in .avi format to be given to the students to watch later after the course. (Hard Disk will have to be provided by the students).
  3. A wide variety of teachers on various subjects who are industry practitioners will be conducting 60 days classes on various topics which will also help you to be become director. Except Mr. Naresh Sharma, these teachers will be different from the online classes in the evening.
  4. Out of 100 days, 20-days of classes will also be taken on technical aspects related to camera / sound / editing .

5 . Out of five days in a week, you will have lectures of 3 hours duration from 10.30 to 1.00 pm with 30mins break. It will cover more content related to your FTII preparation.

  1. Word files notes of the content taught in the class will be given to you which will help you in writing better answers in the exam.
  2. Few practical assignments of thinking skills of situational analysis, which forms 50% part of the descriptive question paper.
  3. Library access for more than 100 books on cinema which are not available in .pdf files on the internet.
  4. Pdf files of 100 important books on cinema, other than which are available in library given to students .
  5. Complimentary Revision Class Of 20 days 40 hours:
  6. You will also be part of the 20 Days 40 hours, pre recorded lectures will be given to you worth 12k.

##        Classroom Coaching students will also get an access to  “Online video lectures” program of  Online interactive classes of  40 Days – 80 Hours of domain specific sections of 70 Marks of Direction & Screenplay started  from 15th September 2021 online. It will be available for private viewing on YouTube. .

##                 Classroom Coaching students  will also get complimentary video recording links of offline classroom coaching that was held in Feb. 2019 for 20-days – 2 hours each for 50 marks domain specific section of Direction & Screenplay.

Faculty : Naresh Sharma / Freelance Guest faculty

            Course Fee: The total fee in lump sum mode is Rs.75,000/. If it is paid in installments, it becomes Rs.80,000/. The first instalment is 50% of the total fee at the time of submitting the admission form.

1)         25% as 2nd installment, to be paid on 1st Oct 2021.

2)         Balance 25% as 3rd installment, to be paid on 1st  Nov 2021.

Students who opt for the installment mode need to deposit the Post Dated Cheque (PDC) of the above dates at the time of joining

Important Information related to the selection process in FTII.

All the students will also be given the input for the interview and orientation program of one week to qualify the final round of selection.


In JET-2019, total of 15 students who bought our video lectures/ book got the call for orientation and interview for FTII/SRFTI  and 8 Students made it as Finalist.


79 Students qualified JET-2020  written exam.

14 Students got Selected in FTII

19 Students were in the waiting list of FTII.

13 Students got selected in SRFTI

33 Students were in the waiting list of SRFTI


43 Students received call for the Orientation & interview

Out of 10 students of our classroom Coaching 5- Made to the “ Orientation & Interview Round”

Hostel Facilities: We don’t have a hostel, but our student’s coordinator help in finding economical accommodation at walking distance from the institute. It saves traveling time and cost- an average of Rs.2500/-per month!

Generally, rooms cost between Rs. 5000/- and 6000/- per month for boys which, on sharing basis, costs around Rs. 3,000/- per month. A food joint is nearby CRAFT where most of the students have their lunch and dinner.

PG accommodation for the girl candidates costs around Rs. 8000/- to 10,000/-per month including Food.


Q.1 How this- ” FTII – Classroom Coaching ” Is different from regular Direction & screenplay course

  1. various workshops like 6-Days workshop on RED/ALEXA camera and other such workshops will not be meant for FTII-coaching students in the 6th month.
  2. Practical Classes of “Cinematography & Editing” will be meant for Full time one year Course
  3. After 5-months you will not be making students projects which is meant for Regular one Year Students having Fee of Rs 1,50,000/-
  4. You will be receiving 5-months classroom coaching certificate for cinematography course while regular students will get one year “PG DIPLOMA” in “Direction & Screenplay”

Q.2      In case i wants to Join one year full time program of “Direction & screenplay”, would it be helpful for to prepare for FTII preparation also .

This program is geared for making you fully Independent Director. If you join this course probability of qualify orientation and interview will be much more higher than other students as you will be getting 2 days of practical input also . In case you fail to make it in FTII , you can start working as an assistant in Mumbai film Industry for which we promote our students through our Network “Bollywood & Beyond” , which goes to 5000 important cinematographers / Directors of India.

For any Inquiry email at: naresh.sharma@craftfilmschool.com

Only What App message – No Call Please : 9910161695

Aditi Sinha Testimonials :

Film Direction & Screenplay JET-2020,Finalist- FTII

My experience with CRAFT film school’s FTII preparation has been wonderful. video lectures and discussions helped me through the subjective part, as to how to develop and frame our answers. Naresh Sir’s support and advice had been invaluable through my journey of preparation, for which I am quite grateful.