FTII Entrance exam JET-2022 Coaching.
Direction & Screenplay

1.) Online Interactive Classes of 60 Days 120 Hours Started from 15th Sep 2021. Already 13 days Of Classes have gone till 4th Nov 2021.It was twice in a week class prog. Now it will be 4-days for Domain specific section of 50 marks ( as per new changes in exam pattern) and 2-day of -MCQ / MSQ.( 20+ 30 MARKS) TOTAL. Students who will be joining now after 4th Nov will be getting all previously held lectures for private viewing started from 15th sep till the date of Joining.

  • Descriptive Section of 50 Marks.New pattern of FTII EXAM
  • Duration :40 Days X 2 Hours each day | Total  80 Hours in 5 Months.
  • Starting  Date :15th Sep 2021 to 16TH DEC 2021 ( FTII exam is on 19th Dec 2021 for acting at 9.00 am  for 3 years course )
  • Online Platform : Zoom .
  • Timing : 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm for descriptive section of 50 marks.
  • Days : Monday + Tuesday+ Friday+ Saturday  , 4 days in a week .
  • Course Fee:Rs 15,000/- ( Rupees Fifteen thousand only)
  • Total Seats :50 ( fifty )  ( as of now we have 11 seats are left)
  • Selection Criteria:first come first serve basis
  • Apply online from the website


2.) Only Recorded Video lectures of the ” Interactive Online Classes”.

  • Course Fee:Rs 10,000/- ( Rupees Ten Thousands only ) to be paid online any time.
  • Total Seats : Unlimited
  • Selection Criteria:Direct admission – No interview
  • last Date to Apply: Anytime
  • Apply online from the website for subscribing to this program                                                                                                                                           To Apply http://www.ftiientranceexam.com/apply

More details

  •  Online Interactive Classes of 60 Days 120 Hours Started from  15th Sep 2021.
  • Faculty :So far Senior FTII graduate Ranjan das,  has Done the classes. We would also have another Faculty who would be Conducting few classes along With Ranjan  Das, will also be a Seniour FTII Graduate Please note that 90 % of the classes will be conducted in English but few classes may be conducted in Hindi language.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Content Covered

1.In a very focused manner, classes would be conducted .

2.In every class, 3-4 descriptive questions will be taken by the teacher and you will be given pointers on how to write answers about them. Last 15- 30 minutes of 2 hours will be devoted to answering individual queries of the students.

3.In some of the classes, we would also be discussing previous years’ questions that can be asked in a different language.                                                                      4. New expected questions for JET-2022 will be discussed in the class based on the pattern of previous years’ question papers, as there is NO syllabus prescribed by the FTII .

20 Days 40 Hours , once in a week. 2 hours class on MCQ+ MSQ : Sunday 10:00 am to 12.00 pm.( so far 7 classes have gone) From 4th Nov onwards it will be twice in a week on sat+sunday from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm.

  • Faculty : Freelance Guest Faculty

Online students will also get the YouTube video recording links of these lectures on the next day for private viewing.

Students will also get complimentary video recording links of the offline classroom coaching that was held in Feb. 2019 for 20-days – 2 hours each for 70 marks domain specific section of acting.

2.) Only Recorded Video lectures of the ” Interactive Online Classes”

Anybody can subscribe to  “Online video lectures” program of this online interactive classes of  60 Days-120 Hours ( 20 Days 2 hours each for  30 Marks – MCQ+  40 Days- 80 Hours domain specific section of 70 marks started from 15th September 2021 online, available for private viewing on YouTube. All these links will be sent to the students the next day via mail after the class.

##  They will also get complimentary video recording links of classroom coaching that was held in  Feb. 2019 of 20-days 2 hours each of  70 marks Domain specific section of acting on the next day after paying the course fee of Rs 10,000/-.

 Important Information related to the selection process in FTII.

  1. a) This year around 24 00 applications are expected (normally it is 1200, but due to this year being a zero session, next year double no. of applications are expected).


In JET-2019, a total of 15 students who bought our video lectures/ book got the call for orientation and interview for FTII/SRFTI  and 8 Students made it as Finalist.

  • 79 students qualified for the JET-2020  written exam.
  • 14 Students got Selected in FTII
  • 19 students were on the waiting List.
  • 13 Students got selected in SRFTI
  • 33 were in the waiting list                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Testimonial:
  • Facebook Profile of Aditi Sinha 
  • Aditi Sinha: Film Direction & Screenplay JET-2020,Finalist- FTII 
  • “My experience with CRAFT film school’s FTII preparation has been wonderful. Video lectures and discussions helped me through the subjective part, as to how to develop and frame our answers. Naresh Sir’s support and advice has been invaluable through my journey of preparation, for which I am quite grateful.”

Why JET-2022 will receive double applications:

Because students who would be qualifying their final year exam in July 2022, would also be applying besides those who were supposed to appear in Feb 2021.  So the competition will be 2 times more tough for the next JET EXAM for the 10 seats .

For any Inquiry email at: naresh.sharma@craftfilmschool.com

Only WhatsappNo Call Please : 9910161695.

Option No-3 ) Only website course of MCQ: which will cost Rs 1,000/-


To Apply : http://www.ftiientranceexam.com/apply