5-Months Classroom / Online coaching in Delhi for FTII-Cinematography  Course:

Starting from 30th Aug.

Number of applications:  Around 800 applicants attempt for JET-entrance exam for Acting course having 10 seats. Pl note that 3-seats are meant for OBC.1- for SC.1 for ST category students .

Cut off : For the JET-2020 cut off was 70 marks out of 100 for Gen Category, who received the call for 1st round of Interview.

Selection process : Qualifying the written exam is not enough, you need to crack one more hurdle to finally be in the list of selected candidates.

On the basis of your performance, 35 -40 students would  be called for the 2nd and final round of “Interview & Orientation” to be held  FTII  for 5 days and  only 10 would be selected .Selected candidates list would be declared within one week time on their website and only selected candidates will be infirmed via email.

What FTII look into you: From JET 2019,onward  examination pattern has changed for all the courses The pattern of last year questions will help you understand the nature of questions.since it is descriptive in nature it is important that your thoughts should to be focused and fine tuned. You cannot beat around the bush.

In Cinematography  course exam they will judge;
1. Observation power/ Imagination power
2. Technical understanding of various elements related to Cinematography/photography .                                                                                                                             3. Aesthetics of lighting.

What we offer for Your Preparation:

Please note that the CRAFT is a 14 years old film school, which is offering this course since last 2 years . In 2018, for the first time we had organized 20 days of classroom coaching for FTII entrance exam preparation. From this experience we realized that 20 days before one month of Entrance exam date is not enough, it needs at least 5 months full classroom training. The overall Topper  Chetan Kapri was from our classroom coaching student.

On our craft film school you-tube channel, you can watch interviews

1.) Interview of FTII 2018 Cinematography course Topper “Chetan Kapri”

2.) Roshan who qualified for both FTII/SRFTI among the finalist and joined SRFTI was 2019 batch was again Classroom teaching  student.

Interview of FTII 2019 Cinematography course finalist  “Roshan “


4.) Interview of Mohammed Owais,JET-2019 batch Cinematography Finalist was  our online video Tutorial student.


5.) Dhoutab Sundar singh

This year we are organizing 5-months special classes for FTII entrance exam -preparation for Acting course from 30th August 2021 to 1st Feb 2022.               20 students will be selected for the course via Skype interview-to be held every alternate week.10-from Gen category and 10 from Reserved category.

list of selected candidates will be declared on 15th Aug 2021 for the session starting from 30th Aug 2021.If keen pay Rs 1,000/- and apply for the interview for the classroom coaching.



# Classroom coaching:  The fee for the course is Rs./-75,000. In installment mode it will be Rs/-80,000.( it includes access to both 1-hr online class and website course content + MCQ -content ) .( Starting from 30th August 2021)

#  Website course Content. The fee for the course is Rs./-10,000.( Access till next JET EXAM is held) .( available now )


You will also get 20 Complimentary video lectures of 2 hr Duration each on the website .

as,we had classroom coaching organized for 20 days from 27th Jan 2019 to 17th Feb 2019 in the class we had  90 min  to 120 mins of  Domain Specific Class: Our CRAFT film schools Cinematography Faculty  mentor and discussed the various aspects related to cinematography for 20 days

The sample of theses lectures are given below

Cinematography: Video-Tutorials: 6th Feb 2019


Cinematography: Video-Tutorials: 7th Feb 2019



Details about The training: Timing 8.00 am to 10.00 m. 2hr each , 5 days in a week for 5 months

DAY-1: Practical inside the studio with continuous Artificial lights .

DAY-2: Practical DAY light video + stills both from FTII orientation and Interview POV .

DAY-3: Day aesthetic discussion on films about their Cinematography work / compositions / etc which is normally asked in FTII orientation and Interview .

DAY-4: Technical Theory ( 10.30 to 1.00 am)



Our regular cinematography course is of one year while FTII-coaching is 6-months.

  1. 6-Days workshop on RED/ALEXA camera conducted by Bombay based established cinematographer will not be meant for FTII-coaching students in the 6th month.
  2. Track Trolley workshop/Crane workshop/HMI WORKSHOP- Will Not Be Meant For FTII-Coaching Students.
  3. After 5-months you will not be Shooting Direction students projects and will be attending the “Show reel making in the afternoon classes, which is meant for Regular one Year Students having Fee of Rs 1,50,000/-
  4. You will be receiving 5-months classroom coaching certificate for cinematography course while regular students will get one year “PG DIPLOMA” in Cinematography


In JET-2019, 15 students got the call for orientation and interview for FTII/SRFTI  and 8 Students made it as Finalist.


Total 80 students received the call for Orientation/interview for FTII/SRFTI .

14-students Students made it as Finalist in FTII 19,students were in waiting.

13-students Students made it as Finalist in SRFTII.33 ,students were in waiting.

 Will be the JET-2021 be pushed to  MARCH / APRIL 2022 ?

last year  JET-2020 exam held in  Feb 2020. Due to Covid, the interview process got delayed and finally selected candidates result was declared on 31st December 2020 by FTII . JET 2021 will be zero session and will be called JET- 2022 and is expected be held in  MARCH/APRIL 2022

pl watch this video


Why JET-2022 will receive double applications:

Because students who would be qualifying their final year exam in July 2022, would also be applying besides those who were suppose to appear in Feb 2021 .

So the competition will be 2 times more tough .

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