About the book

It was a vital move by Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune and Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata when they converted their entrance exam to Joint Entrance Test (JET) in 2018. It proved to be a functional solace for those who were aspiring to get shortlisted.

It has been more than two decades, after graduating from FTII in 1993, I have been conducting workshops on various aspects of Film making . Many a times I have encountered the most obvious question – how to prepare for FTII entrance exam? Till now there is no reliable customized material available in a book form which can slake it.

FTII -JET evaluates a student at two fronts; first, the level of information and second, the analytical power.

  • Fifty per cent of the marks are devoted to ‘ domain specificquestions’ which are descriptive in nature to evaluate the area of interest and students’ investigative adroitness.
  • Another fifty percent of the marks are allotted to objective type questions, out of which 25% – 30% questions are related to GK , 30% related to mental ability and rest are MCQs related to cinema, art, painting, dance, music, theatre, photography etc.

This book precisely caters to MCQ genre related to cinema and art section.

Here is the index Of The book 

01 Cannes Films Festival
02 Indian Cinema
03 Foreign Languages Oscar
04 European Cinema
05 French Films
06 Top International Directors
07 100 Best Actor, Actress
08 Oscar Nominees Best Films
09 Oscar Nominees Best Directors
10 Painting, Sculpture & Photography
11 Films on Artists
12 Book on Cinema
13 Hindi Novels
14 Theatre
15 Padma Vibhushan
16 Music & Dance
17 International Books

Although not exhaustive but scholastically propitious for framing patterns, this book is aimed at MCQ section . Not only students are expected to be well versed with Indian and International cinema but also of works by FTII alumni. Along with few question a list of important FTII alumni is provided.

Domain specific descriptive question require face-to-face interaction/ training, hence we are organizing a 20 days of “Coaching Program” starting from  23rd January 2019. Those who are unable to join face-to-face program can attend it online.

Wish you all the best.


Naresh Sharma

Director.CRAFT film school.



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