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It was a vital move by Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune and Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata when they converted their entrance exam to Joint Entrance Test (JET) in 2018.

FTII -JET evaluates a student at two fronts; first, the level of information and second, the analytical power.

  • 80 marks are devoted to ‘ Domain Specific Questions’ which are descriptive ( 50 marks)  + MSQ ( 30 marks)  in nature to evaluate the area of interest and students’ investigative adroitness.
  • 20-marks are devoted to MCQs related to cinema, art, painting, dance, music, theatre, photography .

It has been more than 25 years after graduating from FTII in 1993, I have been conducting workshops on various aspects of film making. Many a times I have encountered the most obvious question – How to prepare for FTII entrance exam ? Till now there is no reliable customized material available in a book form/ Online version  .

Index of The Online Book 

01 Cannes Films Festival
02 Indian Cinema
03 Foreign Languages Oscar
04 European Cinema
05 French Films
06 Top International Directors
07 100 Best Actor, Actress
08 Oscar Nominees Best Films
09 Oscar Nominees Best Directors
10 Painting, Sculpture & Photography
11 Films on Painters
12 Books on Cinema
13 Hindi Novels
14 Theatre
15 Padma Vibhushan/ Padma shree
16 Music & Dance
17 International Books

Although not exhaustive but gives you an idea what kind of questions can be framed .Some of the questions you may find difficult in cinema section, but we can understand of the mind set of FTII faculty, who set up the question paper. Hence easy can be answered by any one, but what distinguish you from other is , can you answer the difficult one !

Not only students are expected to be well versed with Indian and International cinema but also of works by FTII alumni, Hence work of important FTII alumni is also included which is very difficult to prepare by yourself .

We published two edition 2019 & 2020 edition of the MCQ book.After that we stopped printing hard copy . Realizing that

1.)  We cannot update the book till the 1000 copies are sold. Once book is written you cannot  add new questions till the next edition comes, which is always a problem with such kind of books, where you need to add more questions.

2.)  Image size will be small in the book.

3) Multiple images related to some of the questions was missing in the book due to limitation of the space.

4.)  Hard copy book is not Interactive where student will not come to know immediately his score.

5.) You can take up the test of 10 questions at one go and Check, your current level of understanding/knowledge related to MC

6.) Also occasionally there will also be explanations related to that question, which will help you to understand the question better and why it is important .

7.) Also there is a section on the top where what is loaded last month -can be Easily find out so that you know latest Questions added in the site every month.

Due to above reasons ,we decided to have online version of the book

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Wish you all the best.

The entire hard copy book is already loaded on the MCQ Interactive website for JET-2023 edition.( Pl note in future there will not be any hard copy edition of the book).